Launch your business to the world wide web

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Launch your business to the world wide web

We are Qweb

A Belgian based company with an expertise in web and application development. Designing and developing your business solutions!

Launch your business to the world wide web

Design together

A good design is the beginning of an awesome website. Together with you we design a website that totally suits your needs and expectations. Starting with simple mockups and ending with a fully functional design so you already have an idea how the finished product will look and feel.

We write the code

The part where we work our magic. We will choose the best technologies suited for your project. We will provide you with a testing environment so you can check all functionalities that are done. This way we can quickly detect problems or improvements that have to be made.

Ready for the world wide web

The end of the ride. Providing you with the fully finished product. We will put the website online and provide you with all the needed links and support when needed. Take a look on our instagram to see the projects we already finished for our clients.

But wait... There is more!

Because you know. The more, the better


Having a website is one thing, getting it on top of the Google search results is something else. That's what we call SEO. We will optimize your website to be found according to the most usefull keywords.

Analytics & Ads

Knowing how many users you get on your website and learning from that is like a bit of magic. Combining that with Google ads makes your website very powerfull amongst others. Let us find the best ad campaigns together!


A website needs to be hosted somewhere so it can actually be put on the web. Paired with this comes a domainname. We can provide the both for you!

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